Achieving Dreams

As a kid, we have all have had our dream of becoming famous or a very important person at one point or another. Now for majority of the ones who dream of attaining stardom do not exactly become apart of that lavish life. The funny part is that everyone can be very important though, and as we grow we begin to notice our skills and attributes we begin to assign goals and checkpoints to achieving more interest and knowledge in that specific profession. Once you get a job into that field, you begin to create more career aspirations, which helps you keep organization in your goals and improves your skills with the experience you recieve from each goal you meet. These career do not only inspire you, but the ones around you and helps raise the level of focus within the company.

Suha Mardelli Haroun speaks in her blog titled “How to Manage Your Employees’ Career Aspirations” about aspiration management and what it is. She lists three steps that will help when managing an employees’ career asperation. the first step is getting the team members to set individual SMART goals. She uses information from the survey sight Career Aspirations in the MENA Survey which speaks on how professionals set goals that can be set for the next 5 years. The next step is to help direct the team’s efforts to achieve these goals, which can mean overcoming obsticles like poor management or lack of training. The third is to convert these career aspirations into real and definite future plans. What i take from this is that career aspirations are not just done by one person but by a team who are all committed to doing more for themselves and their company.

I Found a website by Boris Smirnov which is a web design and graphics site where there is advice and pointers on where someone can be in a matter of years. Thewebsite harps on researching and learning the latest trends and web technologies along with creativity and improving skills for the first year. for the third and fifth year the website speaks about basically getting more fine tuned with the goals from the first year. Though this is a computer web design and graphics site, These pointers goes for any job or company, because getting to know your profession better is the best start to a goal you can have, and you can only know more.

Lisa Quast, a Forbes blog writer speakes as well on how to define career aspirations and goals. She harps on not relying on luck and looking back at original childhood career hopes and dreams and important things in life. She explains that it is okay if you cannot decide on a specific areer aspiration and that it is not easy to get one going. But once it is written down and sorted out it gets easier and more attainable.

These blogs and sites all give great examples on what it may take to be able to attain achievable Career Aspirations and how you can set goals and meet them. Yes, it may be a struggle to start, but it will eventually get easier.

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Crisis Management



Crisis management is a very interesting topic when it comes to public relations. It’s always nice to believe that everything can happen in perfect in this world to our liking, but that just isn’t the case. It is always good to come prepared for the worst of the worse and be ready to fix catastrophes before they occur. Sure, people may believe that certain situations will happen once every millionth project, but sometimes we can lose count and that crisis may be closer than we believe it to be. I believe Things such as communication is key in working to deliver a higher percentage of avoiding the troubles of not being ready. It is also preferred to as execution to help with tactics that are developed to implement the plan. Also being able to recognize that the message is understood by not only yourself, but by your audience as well. It is very important in all aspects to communicate and get everything well thought out by everyone and planned to succeed in all phases. a few tips from the PR News talks about how to know and engage key conversations drivers early and often, so things such as twitter and facebook play a tole in being able to get information out at a quicker pace. They also spoke on owning your brand in social before someone else does before you. These are just a couple of the 13 tips that are presented on the page and are very useful in managing crisises.

On another level Bernstein Crisis Management Blog speaks on certain situations that could be handled in different manners and gives great examples about real life things. They mentioned things like phone hacking done by CNN and how they must manage their crisis to help them regain credibility and honesty from their audience.

On a website called Public Affairs council, we get facts about what companies do not use for crisis management. The website states that 57 percent of the survey’s 300 respondents do not use media officially as a crisis management resource, and only 8 percent of them believe that social media actually enables them to positively identify and respond to crisises.

All in all there are many ways to help prevent crisises from occuring, its just a matter of reaching out and acheiving the goal and doing what is neccessary.

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Ethics Of PR

When you think of Ethics, first thing that comes to mind are morals, what you were taught to do and what not to do when growing up. The funny thing is when you become an adult, the morals you recieved growing up becomes the things you want to lend out to others with things you’ve learned while growing up. It is a very interesting thing when you apply these ethics to friends and your own family. But the more interesting thing is when you go to compare it to a job. In this case i would like to relate them to Public Relations. Every job has their own ethical values to their job, but in order to succeed well in Public relations you must be able to follow these values in order to be credible and honest.

there is actually a code of ethics made by Public Relations society of America (PRSA), and they go on to speak about a bunch of different princples that goes along with core values. They go on to speak about protection and advancement of the free flow o faccurate and truthful information along with informed decision making that can be done through open communication whether that be with your partners in your firm or the client you are working with. the also listed protection of informormation and avoiding conflicts. Also added is addressing practices challenges such as front groups and overstating charges or compensation for work performed and posting things anonymously on the internet. other things the PRSA mentions are offering a professional model, and having resources that will be able to benefit you.

Ethics are not the same for every organization, in fact they all abide by their own code. The biggest reason for most code of ethics is to form guidelines to educate members on how they should conduct themselves in their professional lives (Winifred). What I think about this though is that it is not a dictatorship and people should have a certain way of conducting themselves, but it should not be a matter of being the way everyone else is. If that were the case, people would all have the same ideas and there would not be any creativity.

All in all ethics are good for Public Relations but they can also hurt to a certain extent. The best thing to do is to find a equilibrium and use the ethics for their strengths and stray away from their weaknesses.

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Why Research for PR?



Research is a very important source for just about anything we have to do in this world. Research is the reason we have all the technology and acessories in today’s world. the thing is, we must be able to elaborate on the research and find a way to make it relevant to whatever it is that research is being used for. I believe Research is a necessity for PR, due to the fact that you can’t promote and spread the word out on things you do not know about. some people feel that there is no need for research in PR, and that is perfectly fine, but you cannot get a full understanding of a certain event with whats just on the surface. In the Houston Chronicle, they speak on how research is important for Public Relations plans. The bring up key points such as how it provides unbiased information and gives the leaders of the company a realistic picture of how a lot of members of the public percieves the company and their plans and goals. The journal article also talked about how it can help discover strengths and weaknesses in the company, adding in the fact that research provides feedback for the company to lean on for more information. This really gets companies to be able to funtion at a more accurate rate and discover what it is they do and don’t need to be successful in the marketing and business world.

With that being said, the Houston Cronicle helped explain why we do it, but there is more to it than just the reasons given in the article. The reason we should do it is so that it helps give us better gists of what we should or shouldn’t do to be productive and in tact. most people look at PR as just a bunch of writing, but Blogger Chrystl Sanchez of Weber Shandwick of Seattle goes on to explain it in a deeper content. She speak on the way that research can help with strategizing, how it helps substantiating claims, and how research can allow you to make informed decisions. For the stategizing, it helps maximize the efficiency and minimizes cost. With substantiating claims, it helps with the correct spelling of names and also locations. And with making more informed decisions, it allows you to effortlessly support arguements that others may spark up against you and you’ll be able to do it with confidence.

How Public Relations can get better with research is just to give more effort and dig deeper in archives and information. Dating all the way back to WWII, the concept of PR consisted of 2 way communication, and with that, we have continued to evolutionize this field of work and make it more extavigant and easier to spread around at a faster rate. Many PR practioners use tools to better their skills, which can be done in their research as well, making it more creative and fatual to the sources they research


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Diversity In PR


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It takes a lot to be a Public Relations worker. There are many aspects and variables that play a huge role in the successfulness of someone who works in this field. It takes a lot of hard work, dedication, and process of learning to be able to succeed at a fair level in this field of work. people don’t realize the amount of pressure, scrutiny, and rejection that they have the potential to encounter when on the job. You must be very creative, being able to think outside the box to grab the attention of others. In a world like the one we live in today, it is hard to do something noone else has done, making it hard to differentiate yourself from others. But there are ways that you can make a difference and still get audience to follow your lead. Theres one thing I would like to point to specifically that grabbed my attention earlier this week, which was a commercial for the Volvo S60 that came out in 2010. The commercial featured an artist by the name of Esref Armagan, who was born blind. Now throughout the commercial they show the man with a cain and cracking jokes about the blindness, but I did not expect at all for him to be a painter. which he shows in the commercial, painting the Volvo S60, doing a job way better than anything I ever could do with all the time in my life. in an article, Lukas Dohle, Director of live communication and social media, spoke at the end about how the car wouldn’t come out until a certain auto show, but this was a way to get people to see somewhat of a snippit of the car. What impressed me most was when Mr. Dohle compared Esref Armagan to the workers of Volvo. He Claimed that, like Armagan, the staff embraces life, and lives it full the fullest. That Intrigued me a lot to see because of the fact that it shows the audience that they are willing to branch out and find different ways of catching their attention. That was a creative way to do it and thats one of the diverse ways people in PR can work. In “Think Public Relations,” they speak on six essential ablilities: Writing skills, research ability, Planning Expertise, Problem-Solving Ability, Business/economics Competence, and Expertise in social media. Those are all different areas that must be mastered to a certain extent, which shows how diverse PR can actually be. Also, reading some meltwater blogs, I was able to see that PR people don’t get good at their job, they work at it constantly until they are able to do things without even thinking too much on it. All in all, you have to be on hard working mf to do this stuff cause it doesn’t come easy,

Fox out

My Thoughts on CAP 220

When first heading into my Personal Relations class, i honestly had no idea what i was getting myself into. I thought that Personal Relations had something to do with advertising, in which it does, but in no way did i think they were pretty seperate from eachother in terms of skills and learning that has to be involved. I expected this clas to speak more about commercials and how to grab peoples attention. But after a couple of weeks in the course, I have come to realize that it is way beyond that. I see that it involves every current aspect of this generation’s lives. I have been able to see that it isn’t just about the commercials between TV shows and movies or the ads that we all can be annoyed of from time to time, but more about catching peoples eyes on things that they occupy their time most with. Social networks are probably what I am shocked about most due to the fact that you must be very intrigued in the internet websites like Twitter, Instagram, Vine, etc. and be able to catch the attention of not only younger audience, but older as well. This doesn’t involve knowing everyone, or being a popular name (though that can help), but you have to know how to get peoples attention. knoing how to connect with others can help make things a whole lot easier on helping get a word spread about anything. If it was to get put in a real life aspect, college kids do not put the location or even the knowing of their parties on social networks all the time, they let it go by word of mouth from friend to friend and when word travels, its like a chain link adding more and more making it bigger and bigger. I believe that this class will help with being able to connect with people better and get me into promotion and helping others get word out about whatever the subject or object may be. this is plenty of So stay tuned!